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Build something big.

My name is Rick Knudtson. I am a founder, entrepreneur, and tech investor from Omaha, NE. I co-founded and helped grow Flywheel (acquired by WP Engine in 2019). I love design-led products and simple go-to-market strategies.

Outside of startups, you can find me spending time with my wife and daughter.

Building something big? I’d love to connect.


What I’m building

Since 2006, I’ve been creating things on the internet. Below are products I’ve been focused on recently.

Founder & builder



Workshop is the perfect bridge between your company’s always-on instant messaging and always-outdated knowledge base.


The Great Website Co.

Great is a subscription service that includes a new website (in just seven days!), ongoing content updates, and on-demand design service.



Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting platform designed specifically for creatives. In 2018, Inc. Magazine honored Flywheel as Nebraska’s fastest growing company and ranked Flywheel 344th nationally. Today, Flywheel serves over 30,000 customers.



Randomnade was a social community for competitive gamers. Founded in 2010, Randomnade grew to over 10,000 monthly active users. Randomnade was used by competitive gaming teams to strategize with their team and win more matches.

Investor & fan


ReplyBuy is an SMS marketing platform that allows brands to offer customers the ability to purchase directly over text message. In 2020, ReplyBuy was acquired by AirShip.


CompanyCam is a photo solution that gives contractors a fully organized photo feed for their businesses. CompanyCam makes it a breeze to manage and juggle multiple projects.

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly provides vet-quality, subscription flea & tick protection delivered to your door. Your best friend’s new best friend.


RentDrop is a free-forever service that allows landlords & tenants to handle rent payments online and improve their financial health.

TnT Ventures

TnT is an early-stage venture fund focused on design-led products in big markets. TnT has made investments into Outline, Living Spec and others.


GoStork is a fertility marketplace where intended parents find, compare and connect with top fertility providers.

Building something big?

I love design-led products with simple go-to-market strategies. Are you building something big? I’d love to hear about it!

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